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Myfreecams or Chaturbate MFC has the lounge, Chaturbate has adult chat free cams. And a lounge

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Unlike MFC chaturbate has couples cams.

Myfreecams free cams may have finally met its match with chaturbate.

Chaturbate free cams is Now officially the best free cams site of 2012. Chaturbte has exploded onto the scene blowing away much of the competition. If you take a look at google friends you will see the insane amount of growth that Chaturbate is getting.

MFC has long held the #1 position. for a few reasons. But one of the main things  that chaturbate didn't have that myfreecams did. And this gave myfreecams a superior advantage, is the lounge. and lounge1000 basically the lounge allows members to chat with other members but while watching a live cam of the model. That is a huge draw because many users watch for free, and don't chat with the models. they would prefer to chat with other members.  Members have requested in great numbers that this  lounge type chat room be added to chaturbate. 

What's different about the chaturbate lounge then the MFC lounge for premium myfreecams members

Well i have good news and bad news. First the bad news. Chaturbate  has not come out with an official lounge at this time. It seems they have other more important things to work on. That is ok though. Because we have taken it upon ourselves to create the first ever chaturbate chat room for members only. That's right. You heard it here first. your very own chaturbate lounge. On a network of independent support blogs. And growing more and more every day. The chaturbate free adult cam lounge is a simple chat widget that can be embeded along the side of any chaturabte free adult webcam feed. That means you could host it on your blog or website to if you wanted. And it comes right in to our chaturbate lounge so There will be plenty of members to chat with. More are joining every day as they learn of the new lounge chat room.

Myfreecams now can't claim they are the only free cams with a members only chat room.

For many years MFC was the only live adult cam site with a lounge. That has all changed Now chaturbate has a free cams lounge. And soon maybe we will add more to the network. That is all to be decided by our future lounge crew. So if you would like to become a lounge rat, hang out, enjoy the free adult webcams and chat about whatever you feel like. Just select a user name and click connect, there is no registration or verification required. 

Why you would want to join a lounge style adult chat room rather then a normal cam2cam sex show cam room hosted by the model herself. You won't get silenced or banned in the lounge.

The best feature about the lounge is that it's free, and always will be. The next best thing about this unique adult chat sex cam room is. Unlike myfreecams, Chaturbate lounge is completely uncensored. It's anything goes chat.  So watch out, it could get rough. We do have mods though who can troll the severe trolls back enough that we keep the chat room in line. 

if you havn't seeen watched any live cams at chaturbate and want to try it out, and chat with the models. Go ahead and go here now chaturbate and watch the cams. If you thought myfreecams had a lot of free cams you haven't seen anything yet. Chaturbate free cams are Everywhere. Because any normal user can broadcast. It is easy to find girls, couples, or guys chaturbating in free  video chat. Here is a Live Free cam on chaturbate Embedded just for you. with a lounge chat room next to it. right at the top of this blog


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